We will make sure that you are going to have the best sleep

Wide bed with Tempur mattress that adjusts to your body; soundproof windows, soundproof doors. Everything will help you with a deep and relaxing sleep.

You don’t have to bring your hygiene supplies

With all the supplies for shaving and dental hygiene we prepared for you a set of top quality Vittore de Conti bath and body cosmetics. All these cosmetics will make your skin feel soft and hydrated.

We prepared refreshments in your room

Whenever you will have apetit you can have a hot tea, refreshing water, coffee or fresh fruit and chocolate, … All these refreshments with the minibar are included in the price of your accommodation.

Stylish breakfast is included in the price

Begin your morning with a delicious breakfast in a enjoyable environment. Choose from the buffet or breakfast menu whatever you like.

*If you have special diet requirements, , let us know. We can arrange it for you.